Saraswati Puja 2018

Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Sangha Adyapeath, USA is a Hindu temple located in central New Jersey. Adyapeath USA was founded in 1995 as a branch of the Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Sangha Adyapeath (Adyapeath), an organization dedicated to the service of humanity and the worship of Adya Ma (Divine Mother / Primordial Shakti).

Adyapeath was founded in 1921 by Sri Annada Thakur at a large compound just outside Kolkata, India, in the historic village of Dakshineswar. The Sangha operates orphanages, schools, homes for the elderly, ashrams, and services for the poor, including providing food, clothing, and medical care. At the center of all this activity stands a uniquely beautiful white marble temple to Adya Ma.

On December 7, 1995, Adyapeath, USA was formed by the initiatives of the late Brahmachari Siddheswar Bhai (then President of the Sangha, and a direct disciple of Sri Sri Annada Thakur), Brahmachari Mural Bhai, and the residents of northeast USA. Adyapeath, USA seeks to extend the Sangha’s services globally.

Saraswati Puja 2018

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